ARCHIVE / When should C/C++ be used for web applications programming?

As C and C++ are best suited for customized high-performance application development, the two languages are generally not used directly for web applications programming.  The reason for this is that web applications need to be highly malleable, able to be changed quickly and easily at low cost.  Instead of focusing on minimal system resource usage, web applications are usually written using more abstracted languages on top of web server and database server software, most of which is written in C/C++.  Because of this, writing web applications in C/C++ should generally be restricted to specific components, rather than entire web sites.  For example, if a web application needs to frequently run a complex calculation, it might make sense to write the calculation as a C/C++ program and call the program from the abstracted language, such as PHP, or even access it directly from a database.

last updated 2007.09.23



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