ARCHIVE / What is Opera?

As regards the Internet, Opera can be used to refer to the Opera web browser, the Opera suite of Internet applications or Opera Software ASA of Norway.  In most cases, when people speak of Opera in the context of the Internet they are referring to the web browser.  Though not as well known as others, Opera was one of the first commercially available web browsers and was noted for its impressive speed and support for multiple languages at a time when language support among web browsers was very weak.  It was also one of the only web browsers that anyone actually paid for.  Later Opera became known for a misguided attempt, we would say, at embedding ads in the browser instead of charging for the purchase of its software.  Since Fall of 2005, most Opera software applications have been free and without ads.  Instead, the company has made its money from support contracts and licensing embedded versions of its browser in other applications.  More recently, Opera has become known for pioneering a number of functional improvements such as tabs, speed dialing, thumbnail previews and other handy features while still being an exceedingly fast web browser.

last updated 2007.09.28



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